Fantastic Finds at Yellow Daisy Festival

Yellow Daisy Festival signWhen I was growing up, my mom, sister and I frequented local arts and crafts shows both near and far away. We saw cross-stitched Christmas ornaments, handmade clothing, artificial flower arrangements, and wind chimes created with glass bottles, silverware and stained glass. Through the years, those shows dwindled away, and at the remaining shows the crafts were replaced with more generic wares like monogrammed totes, prepackaged toys and other similar mass-produced items. Essentially, there was not much to be found that you couldn’t pick up at your local shopping center.

When I received the invitation to visit the Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain Park last year, I was excited to check it out because I’d never been before. Upon arrival, I was delighted to discover it was just like those arts and crafts shows I had enjoyed years ago. Under the trees, booths lined the pathways, filled with beautiful, unique crafts. They ranged from incredible water fountains crafted with old-fashioned washing bowls and pitchers and cross-stitched Christmas ornaments to homemade bath products and handcrafted wooden toys.

Yellow Daisy Festival ornamentI spent hours walking from vendor to vendor, browsing through their items, some in consideration of purchase and others just to admire and enjoy their handiwork. If I had an unlimited budget, I certainly would have walked away with much more than the purchases I did make: a homemade candle in a Mountain Dew bottle for my sister-in-law’s kitchen collection, Hello Kitty-adorned flip flops with matching hair bow for my daughter, and some handmade fabric headbands.

The only thing at the Yellow Daisy Festival that could rival the many crafts were the equally attractive food offerings. Several food trucks and vendors surround the festival grounds, filling the area with the scent of barbecue, roasted corn on the cob and freshly baked cupcakes. After perusing the many menus, I finally settled on The Happy Hippy from Happy Belly Curbside Kitchen. This was a marinated portabella mushroom cap with smoked shallot, roasted red pepper aioli, gouda and arugula salad on a wheat bun. If this wasn’t enough, I ordered a side of hand-cut fries with Happy Belly truffled dipping sauce. The verdict? Absolutely delicious.

Yellow Daisy Festival Happy BellyThroughout the Yellow Daisy Festival, visitors also can listen to live music, explore the Yellow Daisy Flower Show and create crafts with the kids in the Children’s Corner. You also can experience all that Stone Mountain Park has to offer, although paid attraction tickets may be required for some activities.

I loved the Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain Park so much, I’m already counting the days to this year’s event. Thankfully, I don’t have long to wait. The 2014 Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain Park takes place Sept. 4 – 7 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., except Saturday, which is 10 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Festival admission is free with paid parking admission of $10 per vehicle for a one-day permit. For more information on the Yellow Daisy Festival, click here.

If you venture out to the Yellow Daisy Festival, I’d love to hear what you think about this annual event, so be sure to come back and tell me what you discovered!

Disclosure: Stone Mountain Park provided a paid parking admission for Karon’s admittance to the park for the purpose of visiting the Yellow Daisy Festival. All products and food purchases were paid for by Karon. All opinions expressed herein are strictly those of the author. 


  1. This sounds like a great festival. Maybe my family and I will check it out this weekend. I heard great things about it last year.

  2. I’m still trying to think of what a candle in a mountain dew bottle looks like :) I could spend hours going through stuff because I can’t make a choice. I would definitely buy a whole lot too, whether I need them or not.

  3. Sounds like a great crafting event

  4. This would be a great festival to visit to say farewell to summer.

  5. You can find some treasures at a true crafts festival!

  6. I love festivals, but almost never go…unless they’re wine/beer/food related. Might have to check out some others next year.

  7. i would LOVE to go visit. festivals always have such amazing foods to try

  8. I would love to go to something like this. The food looked so good and Loved the craft as well!!!

  9. This would have been so much fun! I adore festivals like this, with lots of crafts and activities for the kiddos.

  10. I love Festivals. Always so much fun and lots to see and do.

  11. I need to find more festivals like this around us and actually go!

  12. I love these types of arts and crafts festivals as well! The candle in the Mountain Dew bottle sounds like an interesting piece!

  13. If we lived closer, I would definitely go to that festival. I love buying handmade crafts.

  14. Looks like you had a ton of fun!
    We live in “festival city” and we haven’t gone to any this year.
    So sad!

  15. I love outdoor festivals in the summer. You can discover such unique finds. Thanks for taking us on a tour!

  16. Oh man, that sounds like tons of fun! I like that kind of thing, and I like what you ended up with. I tend to buy seasonal things when I go to those.

  17. Robin Rue says:

    I love festivals like this. It sounds like such a fun time.

  18. This looks like a lot of fun. I love festivals. Great family fun

  19. This looks so fun!! My kids would totally love.

  20. Melissa Smith says:

    You make me want to go there! Seriously though, craft AND food vendors would be like heaven. As long as I had someone to carry all my bags (& me when I ate too much) & an endless supply of funds. 😉

  21. Looks like so much fun!! Might have to put this on the “visit one day” list!! :)

  22. Nice!! Looks like a good time was had that day!

  23. Did you know that the Stone Mountain Yellow Daisy only grows within 60-miles of the park? Pretty amazing, right?

  24. I’ll have to remember this one! We love Atlanta!

  25. It does look like lots of fun! The food trucks sound so good and when you mentioned cross stitched ornaments, I thought of my own that my mom made for me years ago and I still hang on my tree every Christmas.

  26. I love handmade Christmas ornaments!! I wish Stone Mountain was a shorter drive for me because I would so go to this!

  27. This looks like so much fun! I love tha they have a children’s corner as well. I’m a big fan of child-friendly activities. :)

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