Wedding Personalization: It’s Not Just for Napkins Anymore

From M&M’s and Heinz ketchup bottles to tea packet favors and bottled water, brides and grooms are putting their monikers on everything wedding-related.

Personalized items always have been a standard at wedding events. Monogrammed paper napkins, matchboxes imprinted with the couple’s names and wedding date, and custom-made bookmarks are just a few of the items traditionally handed out at weddings gone by. But today’s engaged couples are taking this practice and utilizing it on every imaginable product available. Simply put, if you can print, engrave or embroider on it, they’re putting their names on it.

You want your name on what?

When it comes to choosing personalized items, brides- and grooms-to-be stop at nothing to get that perfect item for their big day. Why?  “Personalized items have been making their mark on special celebrations for quite some time,” says Tracey Parsons, Heinz spokesperson. “But today people are looking for something just a little different–something out of the ordinary that reflects their unique personality in a fun and surprising way.”

A perfect example is the new personalized Heinz ketchup bottles available at Available in three sizes–14-ounce glass, 20-ounce top-down, and 2.25-ounce ketchup (and mustard) bottles–the bottles come with custom-printed labels, such as the couple’s names and wedding date. “In addition to customizing their names, couples can get as creative as they like with their personalized bottles,” Parsons says. “An example of this is ordering the ketchup and mustard minis that ‘talk’ to each other by featuring one bottle with their name and date of event on it, and the other mini that says ‘A Perfect Pair,’ ‘Meant to be Together’ or ‘You Complete Me.’”

Another unique treat are customized M&M’s candies from Masterfoods. Available in 20 different colors, two different fonts and a variety of packaging options, MY M&M’S can complement any affair. “From a casual beach wedding to a black-tie affair, MY M&M’S make any wedding just perfect,” according to Masterfoods. “MY M&M’S offer brides the opportunity to add a unique touch to their wedding that also serves as the perfect solution to making their wedding more personal and to connect with their guests.”

A Touch More Traditional

For those couples wanting something a bit more conventional, Château Élan Winery & Resort in Braselton, Ga., offers custom-labeled wine. Available on a variety of Château Élan wines, couples can choose from 12 different label designs or design their own using their own photograph. In fact, it’s this ability to create a one-of-a-kind souvenir that draws in future newlyweds. Throughout the process, couples have control over the design of the label, and they always see and approve the final proof.

Another great draw, the minimum order is only six bottles, so couples can purchase just a few, say, for close family such as their parents and grandparents. Of course, there’s no maximum, so, if the budget allows, they can buy one for every guest!

For favors on a smaller scale, brides can opt for fun, personalized items such as printed ribbon, mint tins, and tea and coffee packets. In fact, Lisa Clement, owner of, says the printed ribbon continues to be one of her best-selling products, which brides use for anything from tying up Jordan almonds to decorating votive holders. “Brides are doing more of their own favors,” she says. “They are getting more interested in showing their gratitude to their guests, and they want a memento their guests can look back on and think of the couple fondly.”

Going beyond the wedding

Because these and other items can be tailored for whatever the happy couple wants, they are not limited to just the main event. In fact, personalized items are showing up at all types of wedding-related affairs. For instance, many engaged couples intend to give their custom wine as gifts to their wedding guests, while others serve the wine at their rehearsal dinner or at their reception.”

Parsons says personalized Heinz ketchup bottles are quite popular at engagements and showers as well as weddings. For example, they would make the perfect accessory for a kitchen bridal shower, a backyard barbecue engagement party or a casual, sports-themed bachelor party.  “Whether as a gift to congratulate the lucky couple or as a unique favor for guests, the personalized bottles are a perfect way to commemorate a couple’s special day in a unique and surprising way,” Parsons says.

A truly novel idea, why not order MY M&M’S as your save-the-date cards? Have the wedding date on one M and “Save the date” on the other, package as desired, and add a tag with the happy couple’s names. Viola!





  1. Oh I love these ideas! Especially the Heinz Ketchup bottles– now that’s different.

  2. What great ideas! I love the HEINZ bottle…too cute :)

  3. Look at that little ketchup bottle!! Cute!!

  4. I remember wrapping 300 water bottles with custom labels for my daughter’s outdoor wedding and it was well worth it. I love the extra touch of personalization. Who doesn’t like personalized M&Ms? Yum!

  5. Personalizing everything is the way to go! Ha. Love the ketchup bottle, to funny.

  6. I love personalization – it adds such a personal touch.

  7. These are so cute! I love little personalized momentos to keep from the special day.

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