Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2014

Top Wedding Trends

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With the increasing popularity of wedding shows on TV, more and more brides are seeking ways to create a “beyond your wildest dreams” nuptial experience. And it goes beyond just the ceremony and reception, extending to pre- and post-wedding events such as rehearsal dinners and farewell brunches and everything in between. “We have noticed an increased number of brides and grooms looking for that ‘outside of the box’ experience to make their wedding incomparable to others,” said Jamieson Asselta, director of sales for Tarrytown House Estate on the Hudson in Tarrytown, N.Y. “All of the particulars like décor, theme and interactions among guests are incorporated into ceremonies and receptions today. They continue to evolve as new ideas trend and couples add their own personal touches to make their events especially memorable.”

With a firsthand look at weddings, the wedding professionals at Tarrytown House Estate on the Hudson have put together the following top wedding trends for 2014.

1. The Never-ending Wedding

Forget the traditional ceremony followed by a cocktail hour and two-hour reception. Weddings have become more of an extended celebration with guests choosing one location for all of their needs such as the rehearsal dinner the night before, a second party after the reception and a brunch the next morning.

Top Wedding Trends

Photo courtesy of Tarrytown House Estate on the Hudson

2. Elaborately Unique Welcome Goodies

Tarrytown House Estate on the Hudson has seen quite an array of welcome bags for wedding guests. Over the years, these gifts have evolved to become a very important aspect of wedding preparations and that will continue. First impressions will last a long time, and that is why couples want to thank their guests for traveling to celebrate their special day. The elaborate bags are filled with memorable goodies and keepsakes including recyclable totes, spa pampering amenities, personalized sweet or savory snacks, and customized souvenirs.



3. Rustic and Vintage Combos

There’s something about walking into a room that brings you back to the signature black-and-white Art Deco period of the 1920s or the retro sophistication of the 1950s and 1960s. Many couples will want to give their guests the experience of transforming their wedding back in time.

Top Wedding Trends

Photo courtesy of Tarrytown House Estate on the Hudson

4. White and Lucite Design Weddings

When it comes to wedding décor, white and Lucite design will continue to lead the trends in 2014. Whether it is for ceiling treatments, chair covers, lounge settings or accessories for reception table centerpieces, these trends will carry through the year as brides concentrate on classic elegance.

5. Post-Event Enhancements

Instead of just vocally thanking guests for attending their wedding, couples are saying their farewells through sweet and savory treats. This year, brides and grooms will provide guests with snacks and desserts that can be packaged and taken home to enjoy. For instance, examples at Tarrytown House Estate on the Hudson include a candy store display, a doughnut or bagel station, New York pretzels, and candy-coated apples.

Incorporating these trends into your special day can provide a wonderfully unique aspect to the event. In the end, though, by remembering to keep the focus on you, the bride and groom, you’ll truly have an unforgettable wedding.



  1. MomMaven says:

    I love some of these ideas. My son is getting married in November and I am on the lookout for creative wedding ideas.

  2. kglalalandmommy says:

    All these sound like great weddings to attend. I think that if I could redo my wedding I would do the Rustic and Vintage combo. My husband and I went to the courthouse.

  3. As a former wedding planner, I love the fact that people are making them more of a weekend. Mainly because it is a great way to keep out of town guests entertained and appreciated! Although as a budget conscious person – that can make the costs add up very quickly!

  4. Love all of these ideas! I have a BFF getting married later this year and can’t wait to see the fun things she incorporates into the event.

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