Three Questions To Ask When Selecting Men’s Wedding Rings

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Although they receive much less attention than their counterparts across the altar, men’s wedding rings are a significant and central part of a marriage ceremony as much as the woman’s ring. Tradition and custom are deeply engrained in many people’s understanding of marriage etiquette, of course, and there is generally a great deal of additional history surrounding the presentation of rings for the female, from the betrothal to the engagement to the actual ring ceremony itself, but that does not imply that men’s rings do not have an integral place in the ceremony as well. Just as with the choice of a woman’s wedding ring, though, the questions of the look and the materials for the man’s band rely mostly on the personal style of the hand that will wear the ring – in this case, the groom.

Men's Wedding Rings

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1. Style: Flashy or Sedate?

When thinking of men’s wedding rings, it is crucial to think of the individual who will wear the ring. For many men, jewelry in general has little place in their lives, and the thought of matching an accessory like a ring to a suit, for example, does not enter into the equation. Many men are very practical and simple when it comes to matters of style, and so a ring that will be worn every day, whether with or without diamonds, must fit with that essentially minimalist esthetic to be worn comfortably by the man who does not generally wear jewelry or accessories.

Many of the most loved looks with shaneco men’s wedding rings is that they are notable for their simplicity, from a plain gold band to a simple ring with a subtle pattern, there is a lot to be said for a low-key approach to the ring for a man. Anything that is flashy or overly ornate may seem out of place in many men’s daily life, whether at a construction site or in the office. Every bit as personal a decision for a man as for a woman, the ring that he is committing to wear for life has to feel right, look good and blend with his lifestyle.

Men's Wedding Rings

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2. To Inscribe or Not to Inscribe?

Many couples choose to memorialize their individual rings with a brief quote, word or date that has meaning to them on the inside of the band. Men’s wedding rings are generally very suitable for such inscriptions, as they tend to be broader bands and generally are unadorned and often without pattern, making the inscription easier to add and simple to read. Think carefully about what you might say, as it is designed to last as long as the ring and be an inward visual reminder of the love that the ring represents.

3. Material Matters: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Titanium and Stainless Steel . . .?

Choices abound when considering the material for a wedding ring. Traditionally limited to gold or silver, current options include more exotic materials such as stainless steel, titanium or platinum. Again, think of practical life, at the jobsite or out at a game with the guys, and all the times when men’s wedding rings, whether with or without diamonds, must look practical, be functional, and not necessarily be flashy or draw attention, but should be a beautiful and welcome part of a man’s everyday look as a reminder of your love.


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