Surviving Spring Allergies

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surviving springs allergiesI’m not someone who suffers from severe spring allergies. I don’t swell up, suffer from irritated eyes or continuously live with a stuffy nose. In fact, I usually deny I even have allergies. But that would be untrue. For when spring rolls around, I start experiencing sinus drainage that results in a scratchy throat. And my eyes itch. According to MinuteClinic, both of these are common symptoms of allergies. Although they’re not enough to prevent me from going outside and enjoying the spring weather, it’s definitely not something I want to live with forever.

Therefore, I am taking steps to deal with and reduce my allergy symptoms. MinuteClinic offers the following tips to help you prevent spring allergies.

1. Shake it off! Before coming inside, rid your clothes of pollen with a good shake.

2. Did you know hair gel could be a pollen magnet? Skip this hair product during allergy season for a little extra relief.

3. Avoid window fans! While convenient, they tend to bring in unwanted pollens or mold spores.

4. Pull out the shades! Sunglasses protect your eyes from pollen, while keeping you looking stylish at the same time.

5. Fall asleep on clean sheets. Wash your bedding every two weeks to help ease allergy symptoms.

6. Nasal saline, decongestants, and over-the-counter or prescription antihistamines may help relieve symptoms as well.

Surviving spring allergies If you aren’t sure which medications are right for your individual symptoms, talk with a MinuteClinic nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant, who can recommend the right over-the-counter medications. For those with severe spring allergies, they even can write prescriptions when medically appropriate.

Every year, 35 million Americans suffer from allergies, according to MinuteClinic. Don’t be one of those who suffer in silence. Seek out advice from the professionals on how to reduce these allergies so you can live a healthier life. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to change my sheets and wash this hair gel out.


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