Six Key Steps to Avoid the Flu

Nobody likes to get sick, but for many of us, getting sick is something we must deal with and find a way to carry on regardless of how we feel. After all, we have to work, take care of the kids and complete endless chores around the house. However, when that illness is the flu, crashing in bed is no longer an option but rather mandatory.

Avoid the flu with a flu shot.With symptoms such as fever, muscle/body aches, cough, sore throat, headaches and fatigue, fighting through the flu is almost impossible. In addition, given how contagious the flu is – you can pass it onto others one day before and up to seven days after becoming sick – being around others is not recommended. Therefore, it’s crucial to do what you can to avoid the flu throughout flu season, usually November through March. To help you and your family stay healthy, follow these six steps from CVS MinuteClinic.

1. Get a flu shot. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the best way to prevent getting the flu is by getting a flu vaccination every year. The CDC recommends vaccinations for everyone six months and older as soon as the vaccine becomes available. It takes approximately two weeks after vaccination for full immunity against the flu to kick in.

CVS MinuteClinicI always get my flu shot to do what I can to stay healthy and to keep from passing it on to my kids. Stopping in at MinuteClinic made getting this year’s flu shot even easier. I popped in, checked in via the patient kiosk, and within minutes I was in the exam room getting my flu shot. I was in and out in about 15 minutes.

MinuteClinic administers flu shots to everyone 18 months and older. Most insurance plans, including Medicare Part B, typically cover the full cost of a flu shot, and MinuteClinic accepts most insurance. Customers who get their flu shot at CVS/Pharmacy or MinuteClinic also will receive a 20-percent-off CVS/Pharmacy shopping pass as well.

2. Keep clean. Wash your hands with soap and water often, especially after you cough or sneeze. Keep hand sanitizer nearby for those times you can’t wash your hands.

3. Contain coughs and sneezing. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough and sneeze, and discard the tissue in the trash. Sneeze into your sleeve if a tissue is not available.

4. Don’t touch. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth, because germs can spread easily that way.

5. Maintain your distance. Avoid contact with those who are sick. Flu is thought to be spread primarily from person-to-person contact (coughing and sneezing doesn’t help!).

6. Enter quarantine. If you’re sick, stay home from school or work to keep others from getting infected. When home, limit contact with others, especially children, to help prevent the spread of flu germs.

CVS MinuteClinicFighting the flu is something we all want to avoid, and following these steps can go a long way in that fight. For more information on the flu, visit the CDC website. To learn more about MinuteClinic’s vaccination offerings, visit the MinuteClinic website.

Disclosure: Karon received compensation and a voucher for a free flu shot from CVS MinuteClinic for this post. However, all opinions expressed herein are expressly those of the author.


  1. Great tips! Got my flu shot, but still using hand washing as main defense!

  2. So important! I’m a preschool teacher and exposed all the time – I try to follow all these tips!

  3. Great tips, I tell my daughter in school all the time, keep your hands clean, they are good at school about cleaning desks and such.

  4. We never get sick. I chalk it up to excellent hand washing and also, for years, I have used the back of my hand to rub/wipe my face or the knuckle on my thumb to rub my eye if I have an itch or something 😉 Love your tips!

  5. I totally agree with these tips. We get flu shots. We use hand sanitizer when we go out. And, when there’s a sick person around, I’m sure I look like a totally rude person when I back up after they start coughing and sneezing. And, most of all, when we are sick, we stay home. I don’t know why more people don’t do that.

  6. Thanks for the concise review of the Minute Clinic and sharing such important tips! I am also a big stickler for washing my hands and using hand sanitizer often.

  7. I received my first flu shot when I was pregnant two years ago. I have gotten one ever since. I think that is super important during flu season and not enough people get one. It would be so much easier to not get sick if people were more considerate with the coughing and sneezing lol. Its almost impossible to stay flu free with all of the kids birthday parties and playdates lately! Fingers Crossed!

  8. My 7 month old got his flu shot today, so we are protecting him! I’m a stickler for washing hands and people need to keep their hands to themselves during flu season! Especially around my little boy 😉

  9. I got my flu shot! Well, flu mist, but same thing. I know my mother in law was thinking about going to the Minute Clinic because the hours and locations are so convenient.

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