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During three years of preschool, my daughter needed nothing more than a backpack embroidered with her name to keep up with her stuff. After all, there were never more than 12 kids in her class at a time, and she was the only Elizabeth. And, let’s face it, she didn’t have much stuff to track down at the end of each three-hour school day, most of which occurred in the same classroom.

Now that she’s in kindergarten, all of that has changed. First and foremost, she’s not the only Elizabeth in the school anymore. Plus, her class size has doubled, she now takes her own lunch and she goes to several places other than just her classroom (lunchroom, gym, computer lab, library, music room, playground and so on). And she takes some of her stuff with her along the way.

Therefore, I quickly learned that everything she took to school needed to be labeled with her name to (hopefully!) ensure that she would bring it all back home. That’s where Lovable Labels and its new “Back to School” labels took over. With a wide selection available, I was able to find labels for everything my daughter needs for school.

The Regular Sticker Labels are good for just about anything, such as her sandwich container. The Slimline Labels are perfect for smaller items, like the plastic lidded bowl I sometimes include in her lunchbox. Speaking of, the Press N’ Stick Clothing DOTS worked great for her soft-sided lunchbox as well as inside her jacket. I put the Shoe Labels in every pair of shoes she wears to school as well as her ballet and tap shoes for dance class. For her backpack, I added the tag so everyone would know which “Elizabeth” owned the bag.

I did wonder how long the labels would last, but, 30 days into the school year, all of them remain in place, even the shoe labels and, surprisingly, the regular sticker on her sandwich container, which has been through the dishwasher numerous times.

With 169 labels in the “Back to School” pack, I had more than enough to label everything my daughter is using for both school and her extracurricular activities. And I’m sure as the school year progresses, there will be more items that require a label. Thankfully, I’m all set!

To get your own “Back to School” pack, visit the Lovable Labels website.

Disclosure: Lovable Labels supplied one “Back to School” pack in the “Diva” design personalized with the author’s daughter’s name for this review. However, the thoughts and opinions expressed herein are entirely those of the author. 


  1. Hi Karen,
    Thanks so much for your review of our back to school pack! We are excited they are helping you and Elizabeth! Can’t wait to see who wins the Giveaway! Have a lovable day!

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