Kickin’ It Up at UFC Gym Perimeter

UFC Gym PerimeterLike most parents, I’m always looking for fun ways to get my kids up and active for a little while. Not only does it bode well for their health, but it’s good for me if they burn up some of their endless energy. Recently, my kids had the opportunity to participate in a kids class at UFC Gym Perimeter. New to the Atlanta area, UFC Gym Perimeter offers something for every member of the family. In fact, the gym just launched a kids program with classes every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. In the UFC Gym kids classes, which are taught by a staff of attentive professionals, kids learn self-confidence, coordination, discipline and self-defense, all while having a lot of fun.

UFC Gym PerimeterDuring my kids’ class, there certainly seemed to be a lot of fun to be had. The class instructors started by leading the kids in a series of warm-up exercises. These included breaking the kids up into groups and having them “race” to complete a certain exercise drill. It was certainly fun for us parents to watch the kids attempt these different drills, such as completing a “crab walk” or running backward.

After the warm-up, the kids joined the instructors in the “fight ring,” where they learned a series of “fight” moves: punches and kicks. They then performed these same moves in the “fight bag” area – a group of hanging punching bags – while wearing boxing gloves. I have to admit it was pretty funny watching my 8- and 4-year-olds perform the boxing moves. The class wrapped up with the kids back in the “fight ring” performing a few last group exercises.

UFC Gym PerimeterOnce the class ended, I asked my kids how they liked it. Given they both thought I would be taking the class with them – so did I, actually – they both said they would have liked it better had I participated, too. Maybe this will be an option for the future.

In addition to kids classes, UFC Gym Perimeter also offers boxing, kickboxing and MMA classes, plus private and advanced training. To learn more about the classes, check out UFC Gym Perimeter online and on Facebook.

This is a sponsored post with Mums the Word Network and UFC Gym Perimeter. All opinions are my own.


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