Eight Ways Guests Can Save on Wedding Expenses

wedding expenses

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Weddings cost more with each passing year, and show no signs of scaling back. And, wedding-related expenses are not limited to the bride and groom and their families. Members of the wedding party as well as wedding guests shoulder their own load of expenses, paying for travel, gifts and wedding-day attire. However, with some preplanning and research, wedding guests can curb the costs of attending a friend or loved one’s nuptials. Consumer and money-saving expert Andrea Woroch of Kinoli Inc. shares eight ways guests can save on wedding expenses.

With an average cost of more than $300 per person, travel represents a big chunk of your budget as a wedding guest.

Don’t assume the wedding group code is the best rate. You may score a cheaper rate for the same hotel or one within a few miles of the reception by checking comparison sites like Hotels.com or using the HotelTonight app for a last-minute booking. Recruit friends and family to split a condo or home, and rent from the owner directly via sites like VRBO.com to find the best prices.

Book through warehouse or credit card travel sites. Costco Travel will help you score car rentals, flights and hotels for up to 40 percent less. You also can book travel through your credit card’s reward program for up to 20 percent off airfare and other accommodations.

According to a registry study from The Knot, on average friends spend $79 on the bride and groom’s present while family members spend on average $146.

Use discount gift cards. Whether you’re planning to give a gift card or have your eye on something else, using discount gift cards can save you a bundle. Sites like GiftCardGranny.com offer gift cards for less than face value to popular wedding gift stores like Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma. For instance, you can save up to 14 percent off Macy’s gift cards to score a $100 gift card for a little more than $87.

wedding expensesRedeem rewards. Rewards from credit cards can be redeemed for gift cards, which you can use as a wedding gift or toward the cost of a wedding gift. You also can redeem miles for a free or discounted flight to the destination if airfare is needed, or toward gifts available from your credit card’s reward marketplace. Another great idea is to gift miles to the bride and groom, which they can use toward their honeymoon or a future trip together.

Don’t buy off the registry. The registry is a great reference point to see what the bride and groom want, but you may find cheaper prices for desired items elsewhere. Check Costco and other warehouse clubs for deals of up to 30 percent off small appliances. For example, online sites like Overstock have 6-quart KitchenAid mixers for $289 compared to more than $400 at Williams-Sonoma. Finally, use coupons to offset the cost of your gift. For example, you can get 20 percent off small appliances from Best Buy using the free Coupon Sherpa mobile app.

Shop the dollar store. You’d think something as basic as a greeting card or wrapping paper wouldn’t cost much, and yet the average Hallmark card will run you more than $4. Add in the cost of a gift bag, wrapping paper or packing tissue and you’ve just tacked on an extra $20 to an already pricey gift. Skip grocery and department store gift aisles, and head to the dollar store for 50-cent greeting cards and $1 wrapping supplies.

While the wedding party is expected to shell out big bucks for their attire, guests also spend an average of $168 on new apparel and accessories.

wedding expenses

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Rent black-tie attire. If the wedding is a black-tie event and it’s been ages since you fit into your college gala gown, you’ll find prices for fancy frocks at stores like Nordstrom for well more than $200. Considering you may have several other weddings to attend this year, buying a brand-new dress for a one-night affair is a total waste of money. Check out RentTheRunway.com to find high-end apparel for bargain-basement prices. For instance, you can rent a Badgley Mischka gown for just $80 even though it retails for $795.

Buy a pre-owned suit or dress. This is especially smart for a bridesmaid who has so many other expenses to worry about. You can save up to 70 percent off attire, accessories and more by shopping pre-owned goods. Specialty sites like BridesmaidTrade.com offer gently used bridesmaid dresses (as well as the option to sell your bridesmaid dress after the event), and BravoBride.com sells everything from pre-owned wedding gowns to cocktail dresses to tuxedos. Sell any bridesmaid dresses you already own as credit toward a new frock.

Yes, weddings are big business, and wedding guests can run up a large tab to share in their friends and loved ones’ big day. By using even just one or two of these tips, you can keep costs in check, leaving your wallet sighing with relief.


  1. As a wedding and event planner these are great tips that everyone should take into account! I shared this via Twitter because many times brides and grooms don’t realize how expensive it is for their guests and guests feel obligated to buy the best gift etc.

  2. Great and simple reminders! Thanks for sharing if only a lot of brides could understand where they can save money!!

  3. Wedding expenses can definitely add up! I actually rented my wedding dress (32 years ago). And I’m still glad I did. Great tips. We rarely see anything about how much guests have to spend.

  4. These are awesome tips for many, especially those with many friends & family getting married around the same time.

  5. I am all about saving money. I always buy cards from the dollar store, too; they have some nice ones. Things can add up for weddings. I love the idea of renting something, especially if you know you won’t wear it again anytime soon.

  6. Yes and YES to all of these ideas. You can also get some inexpensive dinnerware and platters, frames and other ‘homegoods’ at the thrift store. If you’re creative, you can customize these items for the bride and groom! Great post!

  7. We’re traveling to a wedding in June 2015 and I’m already thinking about ways to save too!

  8. upliftingfam says:

    I like the idea of renting a dress for a special occasion. Men have done it for years, why should their be dress rentals for women. :)

  9. These are great tips! It can definitely add up quickly when going to a wedding.

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