Eight Ways Guests Can Save on Wedding Expenses

Weddings cost more with each passing year, and show no signs of scaling back. And, wedding-related expenses are not limited to the bride and groom and their families. Members of the wedding party as well as wedding guests shoulder their own load of expenses, paying for travel, gifts and wedding-day attire. However, with some preplanning […]

Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2014

With the increasing popularity of wedding shows on TV, more and more brides are seeking ways to create a “beyond your wildest dreams” nuptial experience. And it goes beyond just the ceremony and reception, extending to pre- and post-wedding events such as rehearsal dinners and farewell brunches and everything in between. “We have noticed an […]

Three Questions To Ask When Selecting Men’s Wedding Rings

This is a sponsored post from shaneco. Although they receive much less attention than their counterparts across the altar, men’s wedding rings are a significant and central part of a marriage ceremony as much as the woman’s ring. Tradition and custom are deeply engrained in many people’s understanding of marriage etiquette, of course, and there […]

Saying “Thank You”

Getting married brings a lot of excitement to our lives. We spend a great deal of time shopping for the dress, choosing the flowers and planning the honeymoon, to name a few of the tasks. And who can deny the joy that arrives with every beautifully wrapped wedding present? Unfortunately, that delight is tempered slightly […]

Wedding Personalization: It’s Not Just for Napkins Anymore

From M&M’s and Heinz ketchup bottles to tea packet favors and bottled water, brides and grooms are putting their monikers on everything wedding-related. Personalized items always have been a standard at wedding events. Monogrammed paper napkins, matchboxes imprinted with the couple’s names and wedding date, and custom-made bookmarks are just a few of the items […]